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The History Of Whoo

Cheongidan Radiant Soft Foam Cleanser

Cheongidan Radiant Soft Foam Cleanser

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Introducing our royally amazing Cheongidan Radiant Soft Foam Cleanser by The History Of Whoo, fit for an empress! 👸 This K-Wonders best-seller boasts 22 precious herbal ingredients, including Empress Dowager Cixi's faves like Pearl-Shaped Wild Ginseng Root, Reishi Mushroom, and Deer Antler Powder. 💆‍♀️

Say hello to our gentle, 97% non-irritating amino acid cleanser that sweeps away impurities while keeping your skin hydrated, smooth, and plump. 😌 Infused with Hwa Hyun Refining Complex™ and Pyrujuven™, this cleanser reveals a translucent, supple complexion fit for royalty. 👑

Indulge in its luxurious, fine-textured foam that wraps your skin in softness while removing impurities without stripping away moisture and radiance. ✨

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