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Dermalogy Lemon Bright PHA Gauze Peeling

Dermalogy Lemon Bright PHA Gauze Peeling

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Glow up with our gauze peeling pad that exfoliates, cleanses impurities, and nourishes your skin. Meet the Peeling line featuring three magical pads (Green tea, Lemon, and Wine) to address different skin concerns.✨ Our patented 3-layer pure cotton Gauze Peeling Pads are designed to roll away dead skin cells and reveal your skin's true potential. The Lemon Bright PHA Gauze Peeling pad has a triple-structured pure cotton design – one side gently removes dead skin and impurities, while the other embossed side is soaked in essence to boost radiance for a clear, bright complexion. 🌟 

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