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Phyto-Alexin Hydrating & Calming Toner

Phyto-Alexin Hydrating & Calming Toner

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🌊 Dive into a sea of calm with Laneige's Phyto-Alexin Toner! It's like a gentle wave of relief for sensitive skin. πŸƒ Made with mineral-rich seawater and Cica Phytoalexin from stone bean extract, this hypoallergenic toner is a superhero, strengthening your skin's barrier and bringing zen to your skincare routine. Plus, Hinoki Cypress Leaf Water is the secret splash, turning your skin from irritated to invigorated! 🌿 This mild, acid-balanced toner is 10-free (no nasties like fragrance or parabens) making it your skin's new BFF.

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