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Glow Lasting Foundation SPF 25 / PA++ - 21N1 Vanilla

Glow Lasting Foundation SPF 25 / PA++ - 21N1 Vanilla

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Hello, Gorgeous! 🌈 Get ready to glow like never before with our Hera Glow Lasting Foundation in 21N1 Vanilla. 🎨 Our Sheer Voluming Complex™ is so light, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothin’ but your own flawless skin! ✨

With 24H of stay-put sparkle 🌟 (no kidding, we’ve counted), it’s like having a personal lighting crew! 🎥 Our secret? Sheer Fitting Film 🎬 - sounds like a cinema snack, but trust us, your skin’s gonna munch on it! 🍿

Radiant Powder, the superstar in town, gets up close and personal with your skin. It’s like a hug 🤗 but only for the pesky imperfections.

People rave 🎉 about it: 93.3% said their skin texture looked like a million bucks 💰 and 100% felt like they were lounging in a bed of silk! 😌 *That’s science talkin’, babe!

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