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Apricot Collagen Youth Firming Cream

Apricot Collagen Youth Firming Cream

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Hey, ageless wonder! 🌟 Dive into skin TLC with our French EVE Vegan Goodal Cream. In just 4 weeks, groove with a splash of 100% botanical apricot collagen that shouts elasticity! πŸ‘ Bounce back from those aging blues with a vegan dream that digs deep, hydrating and jazzing up that skin bounce. Bye wrinkles, hello firming fiesta! The cocktail? A blend of vegan Amino Acid, antioxidants, and Liposome that your skin will totally jam with. 🎢 Party on, without the bad stuff - no parabens, no drama, only skin-loving vibes. pH 7.4~1.0. πŸ€ Plus, we're all for hugs, not bugs! #VeganDelight #StayGroovy

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