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Pore remedy PHA Renewing Dual Pads

Pore remedy PHA Renewing Dual Pads

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πŸŽ‰ Your pores called, they want their party hats! πŸ₯³ Dr.Jart+ PHA Renewing Dual Pads are the VIP invite to your pore-pampering fiesta! 🎊 Made with 100% pure cotton, these large-size party pads 🎈can split in two for an up-close-and-personal rendezvous with your pores. No need to worry about irritated skin crashing this party! 🚫

🍹 Infused with 7% PHA - the belle of the exfoliating ball - and Panthenol, these pads are like a refreshing cocktail 🍸 for sensitive, oily skin. With daily use, wave goodbye to dull dead skin and say "hello, gorgeous!" to smoother, radiant skin. 🀩 Clinically proven and ready to mingle with ages 20-59! πŸ™Œ

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