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Cryo Rubber with Firming Collagen

Cryo Rubber with Firming Collagen

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Get firm and fab with this two-step Cryo Rubber Mask 🌬❄️, inspired by Cryo therapy, which cools down your skin for a radiant, youthful complexion!

This dynamic duo includes a concentrated ampoule serum loaded with actives and a prebiotic complex, as well as a soft, flexible rubber mask made from natural algae and clay to hydrate and soothe. Chill for 30-40 minutes, and let the cooling effect increase blood circulation, allowing the ingredients to sink deeper into your skin. The Cryo Rubber Mask with Firming Collagen smooths fine lines, wrinkles, and boosts firmness with collagen and Carob Fruit extract 🍈✨. It's perfect for all skin types craving a firmer, smoother appearance and a touch of bounce! 

Suitable for all skin types experiencing dryness, puffiness, and signs of aging. In a clinical study of 20 women aged 20-60, the cooling effect of the rubber mask stimulated blood circulation and reduced redness.

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