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Sedum Hyaluron Pad Hydrating Touch

Sedum Hyaluron Pad Hydrating Touch

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πŸ’§ Dive into deep hydration with our Abib Daily Moisture Pad, featuring Sedum Sarmentosum! πŸ’§

Double-sided pad: The gauze side gently buffs away dead skin cells, while the plain cotton side wipes away dirt and impurities, soothing sensitive skin. It's gentle enough for everyday use and features a hypoallergenic formula that won't upset your skin. Tweezers included! 🌟

  • Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Essence: Quenches your skin's thirst for ultimate hydration.
  • 8 Hyaluronic Acid, Acetyl Glutamine: Keep your skin moisturized and happy.
  • Panthenol, Sorbitol: Soothe your skin like a gentle breeze.
  • PHA: Gently takes care of dead skin cells without irritation.
  • Succinic acid: Eliminates dead skin cells and sebum without a fuss.
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