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Jericho Rose Crème Nutrition Tube

Jericho Rose Crème Nutrition Tube

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Hey, tired skin, rise and shine!💫 It's time to bloom with the Abib Jericho Rose Crème Nutrition Tube, an absolute party for your skin. Bursting with a mammoth 30380ppm of resurrection plant extract (yes, you heard it right, RESURRECTION!😲), this daily moisturizer is your skin's new best buddy. Tired of your skin feeling like a prune? This cream's got you, replenishing nutrients, and boosting your skin's stamina like a protein shake after a workout!💪 And the moisture... oh, the moisture! It's like diving into a pool of hydration.🏊‍♀️

But, wait, there's more! Our rich, creamy texture smoothly glides onto your skin without leaving any sticky villains behind. Now, who's ready for a skin hydration party?🎈🎉

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